Limited Delivery Area 97223/97224
& Parts of 97219, 97035 & 97008*
* Delivery charge $5-$10
*Minimum Delivery Order $25
However Catering is available to other areas

*Minimum Delivery Order $25

 hours: Mon - Fri. 11am-8pm
Sat. Noon - 7 pm
Sunday: Closed

Customer Reviews

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Tigard Pizza Kitchen
A little hard to find, but what a find!

The falafel was fresh and light, the meat pie was wonderful sweet and savory, and the baklava was rich and light at the same time. Handmade baked everything was wonderful. It's a family place- parents in the kitchen, kids sitting at a booth keeping entertained.

Everyone was warm and friendly. What a classic. Decor was very lacking, so don't try to impress a date here. Just enjoy the great big portions of good food!

We'll definitely be back to try the lamb gyros and the cheese-steak, and the pizza, and the calzones...

Lisa K.
This is what food should be about.

Good food, good portions, and great staff. The lamb on the hummus plus plate was good and my lunch partner loved the falafel. I can't wait to go back and try a pizza.

Note: The outside seating is only on sunny days.

James J.
We love TPK!

This little mom and pop kitchen is a bit hard to find, stuck back in the elbow of a 1960's style shopping center off of Pacific Highway.

Their freshly made dolmas are wonderful and huge. Coupled with a Spinach pie, they are one of my favorite lunches. There are only three full size tables, but that's never been an issue.

Another favorite is the falafel and hummus wrap. You might want to split it. My secret regret about Tigard Pizza Kitchen is the lack of lentil soup. It would go so well the rest of their Mediterranean offerings. Now that I think of it, I've never ordered an actual pizza here. I'm sure it would be good, as everything I've tried has been excellent.

Sean S.
The Tigard Pizza Kitchen doesn't just offer pizza, but the best homemade Lebanese food you'd never expect to find in a Tigard shopping center.

The sweet couple who own the place made us fresh pita while we were waiting, and the vegetarian entrees are out of this world.

Oh, and they do catering. delish!

Sara B.
It's a special feeling when you know that you're eating food that has been prepared with love - and that's just what I got at Tigard Pizza Kitchen.

The owners chatted us up as they made our fresh pita and rolled our dolmas (some of the best I've ever had), even going so far as to offer free baklava for the road.

It may be hard to find, tucked away in the back corner of a strip mall, but the phenomenal food and stellar service are 100% worth it. I made sure to grab some takeout menus on the way out so I could proselytize to my office! Tigard Pizza Kitchen is a diamond in the rough.

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